Tan Viet Bookstore offers Hanoians new reading space

Thứ Ba, 10/05/2022

Covering an area of more than 3,000 square meters at Vincom Mega Mall Royal City in Hanoi, Tan Viet Bookstore is a complex serving as a book store, a coffee shop, and an entertainment center for children. It has also opened a space for readers.

With an open area designed in European style, Tan Viet Bookstore is considered “a book heaven.” Bui Anh Tu, a student from Hanoi National University of Education, said he visits Tan Viet Bookstore very often for its unique book space.

“Tan Viet Bookstore has an open and quiet reading space which serves as an ideal corner for readers. Moreover, it offers an array of books for us to choose from,” said Tu.

Each section has its own decor style such as an eye, a bridge of knowledge, or the Earth, but they all carry the message of honoring knowledge. The bookstore attracts readers of different ages.

“I’m very impressed with the interesting decoration style here. It brings me back to my childhood,” said a visitor. 

“The bookstore attracts readers with the image of a big bridge at its center, symbolizing the bridge of knowledge. It encourages the communitys reading habits and spread knowledge,” said another visitor.  

Tan Viet Bookstore offers Hanoians new reading space - ảnh 2(Photo: vietnamnet.vn)

Ms. Nguyen Kim Thoa, CEO and founder of Tan Viet Bookstore, said the design aims to create a comfortable place for readers while highlighting the value of knowledge.

“Books serve as a bridge connecting the past and the present. We use the designs of the eye, the bridge, the earth and the sky to honor knowledge. We want to encourage people to read and broaden their knowledge,” said Thoa.


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